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Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite

Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite


Product Description:

Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite contains less than 2% fat with a great milky taste.

Every whole soybean that makes this milk great is grown in Australia.

Beneath the watchful eyes of Aussie farmers, every whole soybean squeezed into our Soy Milky Lite (40% less fat than Soy Milky Regular) was planted and picked at just the right moment. Its why our famous milky taste is hard to beat.

For us, it’s a daily obsession that’s been growing across the globe since the Vitasoy brand first started in 1940. Bringing you a simple yet delicious soy milk, brimming with the good stuff – and less than 2% Fat.

  • This is why our glass is always full.
  • Grown by Aussie Farmers.
  • Our whole soybeans are harvested in autumn and delivered to our Wodonga factory.
  • Only the best beans make it…
  • Blended by us.
  • We dehull and grind our beans, then blend the good bits with filtered water and other ingredients including calcium.
  • Perfected and packed for your pantry…
  • Enjoyed by you.
  • Your Vitasoy is ready to be soaked up and savoured with all your favourites.
  • It’s too good not to share.
  • Naturally better when…
  • Poured on cereal!
  • Frothed in a coffee!
  • On its own!
  • Australian grown whole soy beans.
  • 13 of your daily calcium (38% of your daily calcium needs in every serving.).
  • Naturally free from gluten, dairy, lactose and cholesterol.
  • Natural source of protein.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives.
  • Non-genetically modified.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.